Incubating agribusiness in Africa

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Where to start in inclusive agribusiness? Join our online bootcamp!

Organised by 2SCALE and the Inclusive Business Accelerator, the bootcamp on Inclusive Agribusiness aims to equip participants with knowledge and tools to manage an Inclusive Agribusiness, based on the experience of successful agribusiness entrepreneurs. A wide range of topics will be covered from sales and......


2SCALE is one of the largest agribusiness incubators in Africa, working with farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs in 9 countries. We build networks that connect farmers, buyers and intermediaries, enabling them to create and grow new businesses. We also enable private firms to find business opportunities for sourcing products from, or selling agro-inputs to, smallholder farmers in Africa.

The goal of 2SCALE is to improve rural livelihoods and food security in 9 countries in sub-Saharan Africa by developing competitive agro-food industries.

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450.037 smallholder farming families increase productivity and income.



There are 49 active partnerships, of which 12 are lead by Dutch companies.



1.304 small and medium-sized enterprises are supported to increase their business (volume of sales).


Women Smallholders

34% of the smallholders are women. Our goal is to increase this number to 40%.

€32 mln


Co-investment by Private Sector

Since the inception of 2SCALE €32.322.359 was co-invested by the private sector.


Women Business Owners

28% of the SMEs are led by  women. We aim to increase this number to 40%.


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