Introducing fertilizer blends in Mozambique

Smallholder cassava farmers in Mozambique started using balanced-nutrient fertilizers for the first time. The new fertilizer blends, enhanced with boron, sulfur and other micronutrients, were produced by 2SCALE partner Greenbelt Fertilizers at their plant in Beira. More than 500 farmers received the new blends in the past few months.

The blends were formulated largely based on results from hundreds of field trials conducted in Burundi, DRC, Rwanda and Uganda by 2SCALE. Farmers in these countries have reported yield increases of up to 65 percent, so Mozambican smallholders can expect major increases in crop yields and incomes.

Greenbelt and 2SCALE signed an agreement in September, which covers not only cassava fertilizers but also training and demonstrations on fertilizer use (dosages, timing, application methods) and soybean production techniques.

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