Professionalization of the potato value chain in Mozambique

Potato trader and seed producer Montesco is the sole agent for Dutch company HZPC in Mozambique. It is also the lead partner in a new initiative to professionalize the potato value chain. The importance of this partnership was reflected in the participation at a recent field day in Manica Province. Participants included the Deputy National Agricultural Director, provincial Director, several District Directors, chiefs and other traditional leaders, and representatives of numerous farmer organizations and NGOs.

Programs on community radio in Tsangano district are being launched to promote the use of certified seed and improved husbandry methods. The farmer field schools program completed a successful first season. Eight coaches were trained on Montesco’s farm, and subsequently trained more than 500 farmers in Tsangano and Sussundenga districts. Similar to the ACOF model, the coaches are also company agents, selling seed potatoes to farmers on a commission.

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