Branded stores, branded vegetables

The Meki Batu Farmer Union in Ethiopia has long been known for high-quality vegetables. With 2SCALE support, it is now going full-scale commercial, with retail outlets selling its own brand of produce. 2SCALE teams worked with the Union to develop and roll out a new branding strategy, with assistance from a professional marketing.

Four Meki Batu retail outlets (three in Addis Ababa, one in Adama) were ‘made over’. Nondescript stores selling single products (mostly onions) have become branded outlets with modern displays and uniformed staff, selling a range of fresh produce. The four outlets, all formerly non-operational, are now working overtime.

We are in the final stages of completing a feasibility study on viability of a tomato processing unit that will convert fresh tomatoes into paste for supermarkets in Addis. The goal is to add value to a large proportion of the Union’s harvest, and purchase additional fresh tomatoes from other cooperatives so that the unit can run at full capacity. There’s more to be done, but the results clearly show that vegetables aren’t just good for health, but good for business as well.

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