Supermom’s – stronger than ever

Sales of Supermom’s, a high-protein corn-soya food produced by GUTS Agro, continue to grow rapidly. The product – the first of its kind in Ethiopia – was developed with assistance from 2SCALE and PUM experts from the Netherlands. Project support now focuses on marketing – including the Likie model, where Supermom’s and other GUTS products are sold door-to-door by women entrepreneurs. Likie now operates in five cities (Adama, Assela, Bishoftu, Dessie and Hawassa), with more than 50 women micro-franchisees.

Supermom’s is targeted at low-income families. It sells for less than half the price of similar products: 13-15 (EUR 0,55-0,63) birr per packet, compared to 26-40 birr (EUR 1,10-1,69).

2SCALE teams worked with GUTS to streamline distribution: identifying the best locations for distribution hubs, recruiting and training distributors, demarcating sales territories, and setting up recording and monitoring systems. Every GUTS distributor was provided ‘Business in a Box’, a package of guidelines and training materials that helps them manage their supply chain effectively. Next was an aggressive marketing program, with radio advertisements, exhibitions, campaigns targeted at schools, even celebrity endorsements (product launches featuring popular local musicians). We also worked with other stakeholders in each city, for example to include Supermom’s into government or NGO development programs.

The program has impacted not only on nutrition in low-income families, but also on the women who sell the product. Likie entrepreneurs began with small investments, typically 100-300 birr (EUR 4,22-12,66); each has earned returns of more than 1000 birr (EUR 42,19) in less than 18 months.

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