Making ‘noise’ to reach the BoP consumer

Written by Kwame Ntim Pipim – BoP Marketing Expert West-Africa

In December 2016, a successful market activation campaign for Inganci Tom Brown was organized in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The group of female groundnut processors who produce the Inganci Tom Brown are part of 2SCALE’s groundnut partnership based in Pampaida community in northern Nigeria. The group initially prepared unbranded Tom Brown (a nutritious porridge consisting of maize, soya, groundnut), targeting malnourished children, nursing mothers and others within the Pampaida community and environs. With support of 2SCALE, the group developed a branding and marketing strategy for the Tom Brown, and started to use the brand name Inganci Tom Brown, with Inganci meaning “effective” in the sense of an effective way to improve nutrition status.


The Pampaida groundnut processors made a major in-roads through a conscious campaign that brought the Inganci brand of Tombrown to interact closely with target consumers in and around Pampaida communities and Kaduna main markets (such as Ikara). They did this by handing out free tasting samples, distributing flyers and other means of communication. Through this campaign, over five hundred products were sold to consumers that until then were not used to more formalized Tom Brown products. Next to that, over one thousand consumers were reached with the campaign. Through the campaign, also 10 retailers were identified that were willing to sell the Inganci Tom Brown in their shops.

One consumer in one of the Kaduna markets expressed her satisfaction on the quality of the product, saying that ‘’the Inganci Tom Brown has that special taste, looks really presentable and also meets my pocket offer’’.

Importance of commercial offering of nutritious food
Over 7 million people live in Kaduna state (with over 1 million people living in the capital city Kaduna). Nigerian Ministry of Health statistics from 2016 show that 57 per cent children in the state are stunted; meaning six out of every 10 children less than five years in the state are stunted due to chronic malnutrition.

This was one of the reasons why 2SCALE engaged with the group of processors from Pampaida. The nutritious Tom Brown was already there, but the processors struggled to bring it to market in a commercially sustainable way. The promotional drive that was part of the activation campaign was one of the final activities, before the processors from Pampaida will be able to independently continue the commercial operations driving Inganci sales. With this, the collaboration demonstrated to leverage impact on three levels as consumers (appropriate nutrients & affordability), farmers (ready market for their groundnut &soybeans) and entrepreneurs/processors (decent source of income & poverty alleviation) benefited from this collaboration.

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