Why are Seed Companies Hesitant to Enter the West African Market?

Access to quality seeds could help smallholder farmers to increase their yields, contribute to more food security and improve the diversity of crops. At the same time, seeds are merchandise and large seed companies have a lot of power worldwide. Dutch development cooperation magazine Vice Versa investigated the world of seeds and made a special around the question: How do smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia get access to good seeds, and what challenges do they face in doing so?

One of the articles in the special was written about 2SCALE:voorpagina art seeds 2scale

“Pest-resistant tomatoes, rainy-season proof onions
and yellow peppers that tickle local taste buds:
improved seeds are said to be changing small farmers’
lives. But while private companies offer selected fruit
and vegetable seeds to East Africa, West African markets
are being overlooked. 2SCALE, a Dutch programme,
wants to change that. Why?”

Read the full article here!

You can find the 44-pager special here.


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