More partners, more milk

The dairy partnership in Ethiopia is expanding, with the addition of dairy processor Etete. The business model, successfully established with Alema Koudijs Feeds (AKF) and Family Milk, is being scale out to new areas with Etete. Four new clusters have been established in North Shewa Zone, Amhara region, 130 km from Addis Ababa. The clusters are built around existing primary cooperatives.  All four clusters have signed service contracts with Etete, which will offer vet support and quality control supervision.

A total of 224 farmers have been trained on herd management and feeding practices. The training was conducted by experts from Alema Koudijs. Illustrated Amharic-language flyers have been produced and distributed, to reinforce the lessons learned during the training. Supplies of feed concentrates have been established through a multi-partner arrangement. First, 2SCALE conducted surveys to quantify the demand for feed within the four clusters. We then helped negotiate credit arrangements: AKF supplies concentrates in bulk to Etete, which distributes to farmers on credit; Etete pays Alema through deductions from farmer payments for milk delivered. As a result, use of feed concentrates has increased dramatically. Farmers in the Degeam and Kuyu clusters (where the scheme was first introduced) purchased 92 tons of high-quality concentrates in a single month; milk yields and quality have improved significantly.

Another component focuses on fodder production, to complement the use of feed concentrates. Building on 2SCALE experience on Kenya, we’re helping to introduce fodder crops such as oats and vetch, through demonstration plots established and managed by farmers. A total of 360 model farmers (275 women) have set up model backyard plots. Fodder seeds and fertilizers have been distributed, and the first crops will be planted this coming season.

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