Soybeans: lead partner GUTS Agro is a processing company and trader of soybeans and maize, purchasing substantial volumes of both crops from 2SCALE clusters.

Sesame: in partnership with the Sesame Business Network and the Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen University, 2SCALE promotes better production technologies and the cultivation of sorghum as a rotation crop with sesame.

Potatoes: Solagrow promotes mechanization and new production technologies, and offers agronomic extension services and credit linkages.

Green vegetables: the lead partners are the Dutch non-profit organization Agriterra and the Meki Batu Farmer Union, who have several thousand members that are producing for Addis Ababa and other markets.

Maize: the lead partner, Alema Koudijs Feed Factory, will source maize from 2SCALE clusters for use as animal feed. Activities will begin later this year.


All good things come to an end

The approach of 2SCALE is such that we foresee our collaboration with partners to have a beginning, and an end. Steering towards having an “exit strategy” for each partnership is not easy for everybody involved, but important to work on to make for a sustainable…

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Sorghum beer

The partnership between farmer unions and Meta Beer (subsidiary of Diageo) has completed its first phase, and arrangements are being finalized for an expanded second phase. This partnership, brokered by 2SCALE, is a landmark for two reasons: the first time sorghum is being used as…

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More partners, more milk

The dairy partnership in Ethiopia is expanding, with the addition of dairy processor Etete. The business model, successfully established with Alema Koudijs Feeds (AKF) and Family Milk, is being scale out to new areas with Etete. Four new clusters have been established in North Shewa…

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Clean Veggies, Green Veggies

Feleku Dubale is 35, a mother of four, and part of a unique agribusiness experiment in Ethiopia. She works for the Meki Batu fruit and vegetable cooperative near the capital Addis Ababa. Support from 2SCALE project has helped the Meki Batu expand membership, improve yields…

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Planting Hope with Crop Rotation

Written by Hiwot Shimeles, BoP Marketing Specialist The farms in Amhara and Tigray Regions of North Western part of Ethiopia have become well known for production of sesame in the past decade. Sessame has become one of the top export commodities of the country. Despite high cost of…

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Supermom’s – stronger than ever

Sales of Supermom’s, a high-protein corn-soya food produced by GUTS Agro, continue to grow rapidly. The product – the first of its kind in Ethiopia – was developed with assistance from 2SCALE and PUM experts from the Netherlands. Project support now focuses on marketing –…

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Two farmer unions, Sidama Elto in the SNNP region and Anger Abaya in Oromia in Ethiopia, have become major players on the maize market, thanks to technical and marketing support from 2SCALE. The unions aggregate maize from 21,000 smallholder farmers. In 2016, they provided partner…

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Drink to sorghum!

Sesame is big business in northern Ethiopia, generating huge export revenues but also draining soil nutrients through continuous monoculture. One solution is to rotate sesame with other crops such as sorghum. Until recently, few farmers were willing to rotate, simply because there was no market…

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Making Milk Markets Work

A partnership with two private firms – dairy processor Family Milk (which buys raw milk from farmers) and feed manufacturer AKF – is helping to gradually expand production and sales of milk and yogurt in Ethiopia. The approach is to help small-scale dairy farmers secure…

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Branded stores, branded vegetables

The Meki Batu Farmer Union in Ethiopia has long been known for high-quality vegetables. With 2SCALE support, it is now going full-scale commercial, with retail outlets selling its own brand of produce. 2SCALE teams worked with the Union to develop and roll out a new…

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Maize stores in Ethiopia

Five new storage facilities for maize, built by local communities with 2SCALE support, were inaugurated in July. The warehouses, with a capacity of 500 to 700 tons, consist of a wooden framework which is then plastered and finished. They were built by members of the…

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Crop rotations in Ethiopia

Sesame is a valuable commercial crop in north-west Ethiopia; but years of mono-cropping have left soil nutrients depleted and yields declining. 2SCALE works with the Sesame Business Network and CDI-Netherlands to persuade farmers to rotate sesame with other crops such as sorghum. Farmers are aware…

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“We are proud of our mother!”

Last July 2SCALE’s Ethiopian partner company GUTS Agro launched an affordable, highly nutritious corn-soya blend for young children and expectant and nursing mothers, along with a unique distribution model named Likie. Fifty women are now running the Likie micro-franchise distribution business in five different cities….

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I like Likie

The Likie marketing model – the first of its kind in Ethiopia – was rolled out in northern Ethiopia in February. The model, designed by partner firm GUTS Agro with 2SCALE assistance, uses women micro-franchisees to distribute a low-cost , high-protein corn-soya blend known as…

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The value chain games

A new initiative, in collaboration with the Partnership Resource Centre (PrC), Netherlands, uses an analytical approach to understand how partnerships work. The first phase of the study, in late 2015, examined three partnerships – potatoes in Ethiopia, sorghum in Kenya, soybeans in Ghana. The objective…

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“I now know how to present myself to customers”

Mr. Ireso Denbal is not only a farmer, he is also the board secretary of the Meki Batu Union (MBU), one of our partners in  Ethiopia. MBU is a vegetable and fruit growers’ cooperative union in Ethiopia with nearly 8000 farmer members. The partnership with 2SCALE is helping…

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