Potatoes: lead partner Agrico has introduced new high-yielding varieties; other partners offer market linkages and farmer training etc. The partnership also includes support to strengthen government certification agencies.

Chilies: lead partner Equator Kenya provides a guaranteed market with advance contracts, as well as farmer training and support. The partnership has introduced drip irrigation to reduce dependence on unreliable rainfall.

Rice: lead partner ARM Holdings is pioneering the promotion of blended fertilizers in Kenya. The partnership focuses on scaling out nutrient-enriched briquettes in conjunction with ‘deep placement’ technology to obtain higher yields with significantly less fertilizer.

Sorghum: lead partner Shalem Investments – winner of an international agribusiness award in March 2015 – is linking farmers to new markets. Other partners provide new sorghum varieties, training and access to credit. The partnership is also piloting sorghum-based foods for low-income families.

Dairy: 2SCALE partners with two independent companies, Eldoville and Morani Dairies. In both cases, collaboration focuses on improving feed/fodder production by cattle owners, introducing new dairy products for the poor, and IT systems to track deliveries, quality and payments.

Vegetables: lead partner Rijk Zwaan has introduced new varieties of several vegetable crops through their agent Kenya Highlands Seeds. The partnership is also exploring ways to improve the marketing of fresh and dried vegetables to low-income families.


Not By Technology and Money Alone

Source: Written by Gieljan Beijen   In March 2017, 2SCALE1 consortium partner ICRA organised a review and capitalization workshop. ICRA agribusiness trainers, who have been training and coaching supply chain actors in the 2SCALE programme for several years, came together from Benin, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria….

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Sharing insights – the 2SCALE-KIT write-shop

2SCALE partnerships involve 556,000 farmers, 1,500 farmer cooperatives and 1,300 small businesses in nine countries. How best can we share the lessons learned, for potential application by other development projects? In June this year, we launched a new initiative with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)…

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What do we really mean with loyalty?

Some time ago, I (Arno Maatman) participated in a workshop – facilitated by consortium partner ICRA – on the supply chain relationships between Shalem, a medium-scale aggregator of and trader in sorghum (and other commodities, but I will stick here to the sorghum), the farmers,…

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Planning for training

How are we doing on capacity building? A Review & Capitalization Workshop (Kenya, March 2017) helped analyze 2016 results and plan for the next season. The workshop brought together 2SCALE staff, coaches and trainers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda, and value chain specialists from…

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Better storage, better prices

Potato farmers in Kenya are in no rush to sell. A 2SCALE initiative, co-funded by the Irish embassy, is helping to build low-cost stores, allowing farmers to store their harvest until prices are more favorable. Two months of storage (rather than selling immediately after harvest)…

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Zinc + boron = rice?

A 2SCALE partnership with fertilizer manufacturer Toyota Tsusho is helping Kenyan rice farmers increase yields and profits while reducing fertilizer use and preventing environmental damage. The key is new fertilizer formulations that contain secondary and micronutrients such as zinc, boron and copper in addition to…

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Brokering the brokers

Brokers and middlemen have terrible reputations – but they are critical in any value chain involving smallholder farmers. Bulk buyers do not visit individual farms (or even cooperatives) because the quantities offered are usually small. Instead, they rely on brokers or aggregators. These brokers have…

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Using Charcoal to Cool instead of Heat

Technology innovation is helping dairy farmers in Kenya keep their milk fresh, even without refrigerators or electricity. Milk collection logistics are a major challenge for both farmers and processors in Kenya. Cows are generally milked twice a day, in the morning and in the evening….

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Scaling out Sorghum

2SCALE sorghum clusters have expanded from the Meru region to Mbeere in Embu County in Kenya. More than 1,200 farmers (60% women) from the Mbeere Small-scale Farmers Forum are part of an integrated program combining production innovations, mechanization, training, savings schemes, and linkages to credit…

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Fertilizer Technologies for Rice

Small-scale rice farmers in Kirinyaga County in Kenya are using new fertilizer technologies to increase yields by up to 50% while using one-third less fertilizer. The technology ‘package’ introduced by 2SCALE has two components. First, a specially formulated fertilizer blend that contains micronutrients such as…

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Seeing is believing

A large-scale demonstration-and-training program in Kenya is helping to scale out new technologies that will enable small-scale potato farmers to improve yields and quality. The program is led by three private firms: Lachlan (bio-enzymes for seed treatment and crop protection), Bayer (pest and disease management)…

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Irish partner for Irish potatoes – 2SCALE’s Storage Innovations

Low-cost mini-warehouses, designed by 2SCALE and co-funded by the private sector, have helped potato farmers in Kenya prevent storage losses, aggregate produce more efficiently and increase profits. The impacts have been so significant that other development organizations are providing funding to scale out. One example…

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Eldoret Trade Fair Making Business Connections

The Eldoret Agribusiness Trade Fair, sponsored by the Netherland Embassy in Kenya, provided a launching pad for new technologies and new business connections between small-scale farmers and  private firms. Participants at the September event included Kenyan government agencies, Dutch and US-funded development projects, and the…

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New dairy partnership in Kenya

A new partnership was launched earlier this year, aiming to ramp up dairy production and processing in Kenya’s Meru County. The lead partner is dairy firm Feska, which aggregates fresh milk for resale to large-scale processors. Feska already has a dairy farm, a 12,000-liter milk…

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“Treat farming by women as a serious business”

Ruth Kinoti, managing director (MD)  of Shalem Investments in Kenya is clear in her message:  a different mindset is an important condition for supporting women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment in the agro-food sector.  On 23rd August, Ruth and two of her peers, Ruth Okiror, MD of…

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