Sesame: the lead partner is the Gulu Agricultural Development Company, a processing and trading firm. Activities focus mainly on sesame, but training and technology transfer programs began in 2014 for sunflower, cotton and chilies as well. 2SCALE also provides support for upgrading GADC’s processing plant.

Dairy: Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union (UCCCU) is a large cooperative seeking to expand and diversify its range of dairy products. The partnership aims to establish linkages with a wide network of district unions, dairy societies and smallholder dairy farmers.

Soybeans: RECO Industries is a leading processor and buyer of soybeans and other crops, and is expanding capacity. The partnership will create market opportunities for large numbers of smallholders through supply contracts with RECO, complemented by training, extension support and links to service providers, enabling them to meet volume and quality requirements.

Sorghum: the lead partner is Nile Breweries (the country’s largest sorghum buyer), which provides a guaranteed market, extension support and farmer training. The sorghum is used in several brands of beer. Other partners offer new varieties and other inputs.

Cottonseeds: the lead partner is the Nyakatonzi Growers Cooperative Union, an association of cotton farmers. The partnership is helping the cooperative upgrade its processing equipment to produce cottonseed cooking oil for low-income households and cottonseed oil cake for animal feed.


From Cotton to Cooking Oil

The Nyakatonzi Cooperative, one of Uganda’s largest cotton producers, is using 2SCALE expertise to brand its newest product: cottonseed cooking oil. The Nyakatonzi cooperative aggregates cotton from its 15,000 members for processing and resale. The cooperative has been a 2SCALE partner since 2015 and the…

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Opportunity to Invest in the Dairy Industry in Uganda

Written by Janet Macharia, BoP Innovation Specialist.  The Mbarara district in western Uganda is the home of the future largest milk processing plant from Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union (UCCCU). UCCCU was registered as a Limited Co-operative Union in 2005, with a handful of farmers who…

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Nyakatonzi is Getting Started on a New Product Portfolio

This post is a follow up of Arno Maatman’s (chief of party) earlier post on Nyakatonzi, written by Nick van der Velde, BoP Marketing & Distribution Expert.  Last summer, 2SCALE visited cotton cooperative Nyakatonzi in Uganda to develop a product and marketing strategy for the new cotton-seed…

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Creating Jobs, Creating Businesses

Kato Hassan is a city boy. He had never seen a soybean field until 2 years ago, when he joined a training program run by 2SCALE partner ARUDIFA. He realized there were opportunities in small-scale food processing, with farmer groups ready to sell, and consumers…

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Supply chains for soybean

RECO Industries, a large-scale soybean processor in Uganda, sought 2SCALE assistance in strengthening its supply chain. One year later, the results are clearly visible. More than 10,000 smallholder farmers have been ‘recruited’, of whom 4,000 have been trained in modern production methods. Volumes and quality…

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The dairy sector – upwards in Uganda

A new partnership with one of Uganda‘s largest dairy cooperatives will draw on 2SCALE experience in Kenya and Ethiopia to create new opportunities for farmers as well as processors. Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union signed a partnership agreement in July, outlining an ambitious program for…

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Adding value to oilseeds

The 15,000-member Nyakatonzi cooperative in Uganda is improving value addition and boosting profits. The cotton cooperative is investing in new oil extraction equipment (co-funded by 2SCALE) that will allow it to process cotton and several types of oilseeds. More than 3,000 farmers are currently involved,…

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More sorghum, more beer

Partnerships with two of Uganda’s largest beer manufacturers – Nile and Uganda Breweries – are ensuring that smallholder sorghum farmers have a guaranteed market, and incentives to invest in further improving output and quality. Twenty-one local businesses and more than 25,000 farmers are involved. As…

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New dairy partnership in Uganda!

Our newest partner: United Crane Creameries in Uganda, a dairy farmers’ union with 20,000 members organized in 140 primary cooperatives. The union has 10 milk trucks, 95 milk chillers installed at the primary cooperatives and 20 new chillers awaiting installation. A new processing plant is…

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“I want to be the largest employer for the youth”

Acila has become a household name in Teso region, eastern Uganda. Since its establishment in 1998 the company trades in agro-inputs such as seeds, herbicides and pesticides, and produces and sells cereal grains.  Acila is one of the top three suppliers of sorghum to Nile Breweries,…

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Rhizobium Boosts Soybean Yields

Yields of legume crops can be substantially increased by ‘inoculating’ plants with Rhizobium bacteria – cheap, effective and environmentally friendly. Rhizobium encourages the growth of specialized root nodules that enable the plant to fix nitrogen, in effect making its own fertilizer. In 2013, 2SCALE and…

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Multiple Crops, Multiple Benefits

Fifty producer groups, four crops, nearly $ 700,000 in private investment… the Gulu Agricultural Development Company (GADC) in Uganda reports that business is booming. 2SCALE works with GADC on sesame, sunflower, cotton and chilies, aiming to reach 25,000 farmers by end-2015. A formal agreement was…

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Cotton Coop Scales Up

2SCALE is helping the Nyakatonzi Growers’ Cooperative Union in Uganda to increase profits by increasing value addition, The 15,000-member cooperative, in Kasese district, produces and processes cotton. Cottonseed oil is a valuable by-product, but the cooperative’s processing equipment is outdated, so oil yields and quality…

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Technology innovations cut costs, boost yields

Technology innovations introduced by 2SCALE are helping smallholder farmers in Uganda cut production costs while substantially increasing crop yields. One such technology is Rhizobium inoculation, which accelerates the formation of special root nodules in soybean plants. The nodules are critical in biological nitrogen fixation, which…

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