Friesland and the Fulani

FrieslandCampina Wamco, Nigeria’s largest producer of dairy products, uses mostly imported milk powder because local supplies of fresh milk are unreliable. 2SCALE is using its community mobilization skills to help the company source more milk locally. Traditional pastoralists from the Fulani community produce 70 percent of Nigeria’s milk, but rarely…

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Reaching Higher

2SCALE was launched in June 2012, aiming to establish 500 agribusiness clusters in 5 years. Currently, more than 300 clusters are operational, with close to 300,000 farmers linked to 1,025 private firms. Benin – 30 clusters, over 62,000 farmers Burkina Faso – 24 clusters, over…

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National advisory committees formed

In each country, a National Advisory Committee of public and private sector experts provides advice on cluster portfolio development and supports the integration of 2SCALE activities into national strategies. Advisory Committees have been formed in six countries: Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria and South Sudan.

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