Dairy – Alema Koudijs Feed Factory – Ethiopia

The Alema Koudijs Feed Factory (AKF) is a joint venture between the Dutch feed producer De Heus Animal Nutrition and Ethiopian company Alema Farms PLC. Family milk is a local company involved in milk processing. Family milk will distribute the concentrate of AKF to its milk supplying smallholder farmers on a credit base with an attached extension service to the farmers.

Key interventions
• Setting up a proper feed distribution system
• Introducing a quality based payment system
• Building the extension service
• New milk product development

The partnership aims to support 10,000 Ethiopian milk producers, to improve production/ productivity, through investment (on credit) in improved nutrition of animals, backed by contracts with dairy industries. It also wants to involve 10 SMEs.

Market segments
Local markets.

• Dairy cooperatives and unions

Contact person
Addis Teshome – ateshome@ifdc.org



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