Cassava – Danaya – Mali

This women’s processor cooperative purchases cassava from smallholder farmers to produce attiéké, a popular traditional dish made from fermented cassava. Compared to other starch, attiéké is cheap and appreciated by urban BoP consumers.The Danaya cooperative of women processors of attiéké in Kadiolo, Mali, seeks to increase its supply of dried attiéké to Malian markets, especially Sikasso. This partnership proposes to improve processing techniques and linkages among chain actors, and to focus on the marketing constraints to better serve BoP consumers of Sikasso.

Key Interventions:
• Research and analyze market opportunities for attiéké in Kadiolo
• Organize a business meeting around findings of the marketing research
• Develop and test innovations for retail outlets
• Sensitize BoP consumers on the quality of attiéké sold by Danaya
• Facilitate business linkages between Danaya and attiéké distributors
• Assess the pilot and decide about next steps (if any)

Involve 5,000 smallholder farmers (2,000 women) and 5 small and medium sized-enterprises (2 female-headed), and process 9,100 tons of cassava roots into attiéké per year and sell it in Mali.

Market Segments: 
Dried attiéké for national markets of Sikasso, Bamako, Kayes. Fresh attiéké for local markets.

• Attiéké traders
• Cassava traders
• Cassava farmers (individuals and POs)

Contact person:
Youssouf Traore –



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