Aromatic Plants – DETAREN – Benin

The West African demand for essential oils is estimated at 27,000 tons, while the offer is of about 10,000 tons. With an annual processing capacity of 4,000 tons of tchayo and 2,000 tons of lemon grass, DETAREN seeks to tap into this market opportunity, and thus needs to increase its local sourcing, which covers less than 20% of its requirements.

Key interventions
• Mobilize SHFs interested in producing aromatic plants
• Support the technical capacity of SHFs (including seed producers) to increase yields
• Facilitate access to finance for SHFs
• Improve access to agro-inputs
• Connect cluster actors and facilitate formal contracting
• Develop market linkages between DETAREN and consumers

This partnership aims to offer new opportunities to 1,500 smallholder farmers (500 women), in terms of production and market relations, through local sourcing of aromatic plants. It also wants to involve 4 SMEs of which 2 are female-headed. Target set by DETAREN is 1,000 tons/year of tchayo (African basil), and 500 tons of lemon grass.

Market segments
Essential oil for Beninese supermarkets and specialized shops, and for Ivorian and Nigerian markets. Eau noble (flavored water) for Beninese supermarkets and specialized outlets. Herbal tea (Arômes d’Afrique brand) for Beninese supermarkets and shops.

• GEA and women groups (POs)
• FECECAM and ALIDé (finance)
• input suppliers
• public extension services
• GIZ and MCA (technical partners)

Contact person
Mathias Ahounou –



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