Dairy – Eldoville Dairy – Kenya

Eldoville Dairies is shifting the business from sourcing from large scale suppliers to smallholder farmer suppliers. This partnerships aims to develop competitive smallholder driven feed and fodder chain supplying quality produce to smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya. At the same time improve whey drink (BoP product).

Key Interventions:
• Strengthen cluster and value chain networks of dairy SHFs and their capacity to access quality feed and fodder
• Support milk production/ productivity and logistics (transport of milk to MCCs)
• Process milk and supply affordable high quality dairy products to the local, national and regional markets
• Support development of quality-based milk payment system

Source 70,000 liters of milk per day from 5,000 smallholder producers (1,000 women) and create or expand 75 small-scale enterprises (25 women-headed) supporting the dairy value chain.

Market Segments: 
Supermarkets/ NAS, 5 star hotels – in Kenya, East Africa and targeting COMESA Market.

• Advanta Seed Company, Barenbrug (seeds)
• Agriculture Sector Development Support Program (biogas)
• Nyandarua County government (infrastructure)
• Ministry of Agriculture (extension services)
• EAPP (access to artificial insemination services)
• ARM, Inspire Farm (model farms)
• Equity Bank, UMATI Capital, Complete Solutions, TechnoServe, Njoro Dairy Farmers Cooperative Society (DFCS)
• Karati DFCS, Feska Ltd, Mois Bridge DFCS, KCSEED, Kabianga DFCS, Kiptoim DFCS, Kiplombe DFCS, Kinangop DFCS
• CIAT for farming training on feed/ fodder.

Contact person:
David Njenga – dnjenga@ifdc.org



Using Charcoal to Cool instead of Heat

Technology innovation is helping dairy farmers in Kenya keep their milk fresh, even without refrigerators or electricity. Milk collection logistics are a major challenge for both farmers and processors in Kenya. Cows are generally milked twice a day, in the morning and in the evening….

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New dairy partnership in Kenya

A new partnership was launched earlier this year, aiming to ramp up dairy production and processing in Kenya’s Meru County. The lead partner is dairy firm Feska, which aggregates fresh milk for resale to large-scale processors. Feska already has a dairy farm, a 12,000-liter milk…

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Flavoured Gouda Cheese

Eldoville Dairies has introduced two new cheese products in Kenya, Black Danbo and flavored Gouda. Danbo is being sold in Kenya for the first time. The new Gouda comes in two flavors, cumin and black pepper. Experts from PUM Netherlands provided advice and training, and…

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Got milk?

Twelve dairy cooperatives in Western Kenya and the Rift Valley – more than 15,000 farmers – have joined 2SCALE. A series of workshops, training programs and field visits between September and November 2015 have helped expand market linkages, introduce new dairy technologies, and roll out…

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