Chilies, Cassava and Sweet Potato – Equator Kenya Ltd. – Kenya

Equator Kenya is a leading food processor and chili exporter in Kenya. It has a huge market in Europe (Spain and the Netherlands). However clients demand are not met due to low production and weaknesses in farm level post-harvest handling. The partnership has introduced an affordable drip kit set to increase yields per unit area and reduce over reliance on rain fed production. It also provides extension services to the farmers and access to affordable farm inputs. In addition to this the partnership seeks to enable SHFs access to financial services by joining and formal registration of farmers groups

Key Interventions:
• Promotion of drip kits
• Blending of soil and crop specific fertilizers packaged in affordable 1 kg packets & packaging of low toxicity agro-chemicals
• Training of SHFs in good agricultural practices and financial literacy
• Demonstration plots and food security initiatives (including 15 cassava and sweet potato multiplication sites)
• VIVA to support in development of a business proposal and a five year strategic plan

Contract 8,000 small-scale chili farmers (3,200 women) in current project areas and progressively expand to new areas. Also involve 15 SMEs of which 2 are female-headed.

Market Segments: 
Export market targeting food processors and spice manufacturers.

• Micro Enterprises Support Program Trust (MESPT)
• Solidaridad
• Agricultural Sector Developmental Support Program (ASDSP)– Kwale and Kilili
• Real IPM
• Kilifi, Kwale and Lamu Counties departments of Agriculture
• Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organization



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