Rice (parboiled) – PO – Benin

Parboiled rice, though not yet well-known by consumers, is booming, thanks to its nutritional benefits (e.g. micronutrient content) and cooking advantages (quick, tasty). Small women processors, grouped in cooperatives or others, drive the parboiled rice chain. The partnership between grassroots rice organizations, ESOP (farmer enterprise) and 2SCALE aims at empowering women parboilers and rice farmers to increase their market penetration in Nigeria and in cities in Benin.

Key interventions
• Provide technical assistance to women parboilers in processing practices and marketing
• Promote the quality of parboiled rice from Benin on Nigerian and Beninese markets
• Introduce and promote technical innovations in rice production
• Facilitate access to quality rice inputs for farmers
• Broker relationships with financial institutions and develop financing schemes (including for women)

The partnership aims to support 15,000 smallholder farmers, including 8,000 women, to involve 30 SMEs (20 female-headed) to process and sell quality rice products, in Benin and Nigeria.

Market segments
Parboiled rice for Nigerian markets and local markets.

• CCR-B (inter-professional body)
• other technical assistance programs (PADA, GIZ, SNV, ACMA, VECO)
• Africa Rice (research);

Contact person
Mathias Ahounou – mahounou@ifdc.org



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