Citrus – Fruittiland – Ghana

Fruittiland is running a fruit juice processing facility in Ghana. The key partners are Dutch companies Verbruggen Juice and Fair Trade Original, which supply fair-trade certified juice to supermarkets in Europe. The shared ambition of the partnership is to strengthen and scale-up the fruit supply chain driven by Fruittiland and its Dutch partnering companies.

Key Interventions:
• Provide technical assistance to citrus POs to increase farm productivity
• Empower farmers to access markets (including alternate options to Fruittiland)
• Strengthen linkages among value chain actors and supporters
• Upgrade Fruittiland’s factory and provide technical assistance

Involve 4,000 smallholder farmers (1,600 female) and 8 small and medium-sized enterprises (3 female-headed). The target of the lead partner in terms of local sourcing equals 104,000 tons of citrus per annum by 2017.

Market Segments: 
Fairtrade juice concentrate for the European market (FTO and Oxfam brands). Conventional juice concentrate for the European and West African markets.

• Fair Trade Original (FTO), Verbruggen Juice Trading Sustainable Products b.v. (VJTSP) (Dutch traders)
• Realdeeds (BSS)
• Fairtrade Africa
• Fidelity Bank

Contact person:
Buo Divine James,


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