Soy-Maize – GUTS Agro – Ethiopia

GUTS Agro produces CSB+ (a corn & soy based food supplement fortified with micronutrients, called Super Mom) and other nutritious foods for which maize and soybean are the main ingredients. This partnership aims to enable GUTS Agro to source maize and soybean from SHFs as well as avail affordable animal feed to dairy cooperatives. 2SCALE will also support GUTS Agro to serve the urban BoP.

Key interventions
• Development and launch of the new product CSB+
• Invest in packaging and improvement of the production line.
• Establish cattle feed & soya oil manufacturing plants
• Provide forward delivery agreements for supply of maize and soy to FCUs
• Promote the new product and set up distribution networks
• Facilitate implementation at Woreda and Kebele level and liaison with local government
• Facilitate access to finance to the partners
• On the job training for Guts Agro technical staff (extension)
• Support capacity building of SHFs and negotiation skills

Involve 21,000 smallholder farmers and 34 small and medium enterprises (20 female-headed). The lead partner’s target in terms of volumes equals 7,200MT of maize, and 1,890MTs of soybean over a period of three years.

Market segments
CSB+ will be distributed to low income consumer groups in Hawasa, Adama and Dire Dawa Ethiopia.

• Sidama Elto, Anger Abeya, and Hunde Chewaka Farmers’ Cooperative Unions
• Bako and Jimma Agricultural Research Institutes
• Hawasa University
• N2Africa
• District Agriculture and Cooperative Agency offices

Contact person
Tekalgn Ayano – tayano@ifdc.orgg

In the video below, Engidu Legesse, General Manager of GUTS Agro, explains how the company distributes its nutritious and affordable products to Base of the Pyramid customers.



All good things come to an end

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Two farmer unions, Sidama Elto in the SNNP region and Anger Abaya in Oromia in Ethiopia, have become major players on the maize market, thanks to technical and marketing support from 2SCALE. The unions aggregate maize from 21,000 smallholder farmers. In 2016, they provided partner…

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Maize stores in Ethiopia

Five new storage facilities for maize, built by local communities with 2SCALE support, were inaugurated in July. The warehouses, with a capacity of 500 to 700 tons, consist of a wooden framework which is then plastered and finished. They were built by members of the…

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“We are proud of our mother!”

Last July 2SCALE’s Ethiopian partner company GUTS Agro launched an affordable, highly nutritious corn-soya blend for young children and expectant and nursing mothers, along with a unique distribution model named Likie. Fifty women are now running the Likie micro-franchise distribution business in five different cities….

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I like Likie

The Likie marketing model – the first of its kind in Ethiopia – was rolled out in northern Ethiopia in February. The model, designed by partner firm GUTS Agro with 2SCALE assistance, uses women micro-franchisees to distribute a low-cost , high-protein corn-soya blend known as…

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Food for Thought

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Supermom’s on tricycles

Ethiopian food processing company GUTS Agro has launched a product never made before in Ethiopia – an affordable, highly nutritious corn-soya blend for young children and expectant and nursing mothers, called Supermom’s. Supermom’s is made from maize and soybeans produced by 2SCALE farmer groups, is…

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Million dollar maize for babies

GUTS Agro, a processing firm and our private sector partner in Ethiopia, started sourcing maize and soybeans worth of $1.2 million from 2SCALE clusters. The company signed contracts with two farmer unions, Sidama Elto for maize and Hunde Chewaka for soybeans. Guts Agro committed itself…

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