Cheese – Merry Enterprise – Benin

Merry Enterprise is a small female-led enterprise. The partnership aims to support smallholder farmers, and in particular Fulani women, to profit more from milk and cheese production, by improving productivity and quality, and accessing a larger market for locally-produced cheese through Merry Enterprise.

Key Interventions:
• Assess financial needs in the partnership;
• Update Merry’s business plan;
• Facilitate the negotiation of investments proposed in the business plan with Vital Finance or CLCAM Parakou;
• Develop a new cheese (size, packaging, etc.) and marketing strategy to serve BoP consumers;
• Assess the pilots and decide about next steps (if any).

Involve 1,000 smallholder farmers (700 women) and 55 small and medium-sized enterprises (45 women-led), and supply 5,000 units of quality cheese per day by 2017.

Market Segments: 
Cheese for restaurants, supermarkets and BoP consumers.

• UCOPER (milk supplier organization);
• Société ATT (transport);
• Vital finance and CLCAM (finance);
• SCDA (technical support);
• 4D (BSS).

Contact person:
Eric Lakoussan –



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