Cottonseeds − Nyakatonzi Growers Cooperative Union − Uganda

The Nyakatonzi Growers’ Cooperative Union is a 15,000-member cotton cooperative seeking to improve value addition through more efficient oil extraction, and to diversify into soybeans, sunflower and other oilseeds. This partnership aims to build farmer’s capacity, introduce technology innovations and improve cooperative management. In particular, it will co-finance new equipment that will increase capacity, oil extraction rates and revenues.

Key interventions
• Procure and install oil milling machinery to Increase milling yield and throughput, renovate existing plant buildings, train staff on operation and maintenance
• Train SHFs in agronomic practices and financial literacy
• Market development for oil and cake products
• Enhance extension services to increase cotton productivity and diversify oilseed production
• Link farmers to banks and microfinance agencies to improve access to credit

Involve 15,000 smallholder farmers (6,000 women) and 62 small and medium enterprises (25 women-led) and cooperatives by 2017.

Market segments
Homesteads, restaurants and bakeries for cooking oil; animal feed processors for cotton seed cake; mushroom growers for seed husks.

• Uganda Cotton Development Organization
• Centenary Rural Development Bank, Micro Finance Support Center
• Kasese oil mill, other ginneries
• Bakeries, animal feed manufacturers

Contact person
Allan Wayira –

Cotton coop scales up

The Nyakatonzi Growers are increasing profits by increasing value addition. Read more



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The 15,000-member Nyakatonzi cooperative in Uganda is improving value addition and boosting profits. The cotton cooperative is investing in new oil extraction equipment (co-funded by 2SCALE) that will allow it to process cotton and several types of oilseeds. More than 3,000 farmers are currently involved,…

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2SCALE is helping the Nyakatonzi Growers’ Cooperative Union in Uganda to increase profits by increasing value addition, The 15,000-member cooperative, in Kasese district, produces and processes cotton. Cottonseed oil is a valuable by-product, but the cooperative’s processing equipment is outdated, so oil yields and quality…

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