Rice – Ghana

Rice, with POs

The partnership aims to support a large number of small household’s farmers to improve access to seeds and agro-inputs, through supply-contracts with local buyers. The partnership focuses on the development of a competitive rice outgrower scheme, involving over 15,000 smallholder farmers in Southern Ghana (60% of which are women).

Key Interventions:

• Provide technical assistance to SHFs to increase productivity and quality of locally produced rice varieties
• Support the establishment of a foundation seed unit
• Facilitate access of SHFs to finance
• Facilitate access of SHFs to rice inputs (in particular high yielding varieties and fertilizers) and machinery
• Strengthen linkages among value chain actors and supporters

The joint ambition is to develop a competitive rice outgrower scheme involving over 15,000 smallholder farmers in Southern Ghana (5.000 women) and to involve 250 SMEs (50 female-headed).

Market Segments: 
First grade of 5% broken white rice in Aduanehene brand packs, for Ghanaian supermarkets and local shops. Broken grades of white rice sold in open Ghanaian markets

• SINAPI ABA and Export Development and Agriculture Investment Fund (EDAIF, finance)
• GIDA (irrigation development)
• GCAP (infrastructure support)
• USAID-ATT (technical assistance in small equipment)
• AGRA (technical assistance in seed system research)
• AGROMITE (mechanization services)
• Mawuwoe Women Cooperative

Contact person:
Buo Divine James, buodivine@ifdc.org