Dutch agrofood practices in Africa: match or mismatch?

The 2SCALE program is the biggest agribusiness incubator in Africa, covering nine sub-Saharan countries. The program focuses on clustering smallholder farmers into what we call competitive agribusiness clusters. We connect these clusters to local and international companies along the value chain and that way help…

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“We support champions to build their case for inclusive business”

Arno Maatman project director of 2SCALE is passionate about this incubator program for agribusinesses that supports entrepreneurship and inclusive growth in Africa. Arno’s enthusiasm is ignited by the innovative and unconventional approaches that have already resulted in sustainable ventures and game changers. In Arno’s view…

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The pro’s and con’s of public funding for bottom-up private sector development

This week I am in Tamale, a city in Northern Ghana to work on the 2SCALE program. Tamale is sometimes jokingly referred to as ‘the NGO capital of the world’. Judging from the number of roadside NGO signs and the striking number of SUVs driving…

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