Celebrate cassava, drink beer!

For decades, small-scale farmers in Mozambique have grown cassava for home consumption – rarely for sale. But today it’s a profitable cash crop. More than 6000 smallholder farmers in Nampula and Imhambane grow cassava as an ingredient for Impala beer. Every month the cassava industry…

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More Cassava from Mozambique

2SCALE partnerships continue to create market opportunities for smallholder cassava farmers in Mozambique. Experts from cassava processor DADTCO, beer manufacturer SABMiller and 2SCALE visited Inhambane and Nampula provinces in July, meeting with farmers, traders, suppliers of planting material and other market players. The aim was…

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Cash from cassava

The Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company (DADTCO) is working with 2SCALE to create a stable market for smallholder cassava farmers in Mozambique. The key is DADTCO’s patented technology – a mobile processing unit that converts fresh cassava roots into cassava cake. This solves the…

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