What´s new for 2SCALE in 2018

2SCALE has been  helping to catalyze inclusive agribusiness in Africa since the end of 2012, and will continue the current phase of the project until the end of 2018. We are proud to say that we’re on track with every key project target. As we begin this new year, it’s time to pause briefly, to refocus on plans and targets for 2018. Therefore, in January 2018, staff from all project countries came together to fine-tune strategies and targets for 2018.

The goal and the approach remain the same: working with farmers and entrepreneurs to promote inclusive business, strengthen local networks, improve competitiveness and empower women and youth.

In 2018 in order to reach a total of 600,000 farmers, we aim to add 50,000 new farmers to our cluster networks. Additionally to impact a total to 3,000 SMEs, our objective is to strengthen an additional 300 SMEs. For these activities, in this starting year we will focus on six countries: Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Nigeria.

This year we will focus on replicating and scaling out successes.  but also to develop new initiatives, thatwill be  targeted at specific and innovative interventions and that initially will run for a relatively short-duration (6-8 months). Also, we will come with new strategies and programmatic approaches to include more women and youth in 2SCALE. A selection of the new initiatives that have been launched in this first quarter of the year::

  • Agri-wallet (Kenya): AgriWallet is an IT platform that encourages farmers to save and invest. Farmers get an e-wallet into which they can ‘bank’ their savings, and later withdraw the money for specific designated uses (mainly input purchase). Key partner: IT firm Dodore Ltd.
  • Service Commercial Silvain (SCS, Mali): SCS, which trades in fresh vegetables, aims to expand sales in retail markets. SCS will purchase from smallholders, grade, clean and package for sale. 2SCALE and other partners will help improve quality, production methods and business relationships with other market actors.
  • Spar supermarkets (Nigeria): Spar is setting up a training academy for vegetable farmers; ‘graduates’ will be offered tech support and long-term supply contracts. 2SCALE will focus on mobilization and training; other partners include leading Dutch seed companies. Lead partner: Artee Group.
  • Tays Foods (Nigeria): a woman-headed firm that aims to professionalize the onion value chain in northern Nigeria: quality seeds, improved production methods, better storage, supply contracts with smallholders. Lead partner: Tays Foods. Other partners: include Dutch seed company Bejo.

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