It’s 40 percent protein, 20 percent oil, and nearly 100 percent profit. Farm cooperatives in Nigeria are expanding soybean production, using high-yielding varieties, modern crop management methods and collective action to get higher yields and better prices. The Madakiya area in Kaduna state has always…

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Pilot Dairies in Nigeria

Action research in Nigeria’s Oyo state is helping small-scale dairy producers to improve animal health and milk yields. The research program is one component of a broad-ranging partnership between the Nigerian government, dairy firm FrieslandCampina Wamco and 2SCALE. We began with a 3-month pilot program,…

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Friesland and the Fulani

FrieslandCampina Wamco, Nigeria’s largest producer of dairy products, uses mostly imported milk powder because local supplies of fresh milk are unreliable. 2SCALE is using its community mobilization skills to help the company source more milk locally. Traditional pastoralists from the Fulani community produce 70 percent of Nigeria’s milk, but rarely…

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