Highlight Reports

The highlight reports feature the most important lessons and conclusions from the different 2SCALE annual reports that have been issued in the past years.



Insight Papers

After 5 years of 2SCALE (2013-2017) with support of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), 2SCALE partnership facilitators and thematic experts have written a series of Insight Papers to share experiences and lessons learned from the project:

Thematic Papers

The approach of 2SCALE is strengthened through active integration of different cross-cutting thematic areas in the implementation of the different 2SCALE PPPs, such as gender mainstreaming and capacity strengthening. 2SCALE is in the process of developing a series of thematic papers on the learnings of working on these thematic areas across the different 2SCALE countries. Below you can find the thematic papers that have been published so far.


BoP Marketing pilots

The goal of 2SCALE is not only to reach farmers at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP), but also to reach consumers at the BoP with affordable nutritious food products. In 24 PPPs in 2SCALE, business champions are supported to develop and marketing & distribution strategies to reach BoP consumers. Below, you will find 4 documented cases.



Promo Fruits is a fruit processing company in Benin, owned by a cooperative of pineapple farmers. Its main product is a nutritious, fresh pineapple juice without additives, that is packaged in a tin can. Promo Fruits is selling the juice to wholesalers in Benin, but is also exporting to surrounding countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Nigeria. Since 2014, 2SCALE supports the company to improve its outreach to BoP consumers in Benin by launching creative and informative marketing campaigns, rethinking distribution models to overcome last-mile distribution challenges and testing more cost-effective packaging options to reduce the final price.

Read the Promo Fruits case here!



gutsagro2SCALE supported Ethiopian processing company GUTS Agro in creating an easy-to-prepare, highly nutritous blend of maize and soybeans, targeted at young children, mothers-to-be and nursing mothers from low-income households. GUTS Agro already offered an assortment of nutritious and fortified foods to the local market and humanitarian organizations such as the World Food Program, but the company realized that humanitairian aid was not a sustainable market and decided to expand to the BoP markets. Together with 2SCALE the company worked on product improvement, branding and packaging. The product was branded as Super Mom and was launched in July 2015.  Several activation campaigns are taking place to get communities to know the blend.

Read all about Super Mom here!



One of the pilots is the Kangkong case in Benin. Kangkong is an affordable and nutritious Asian legume that has been introduced in Benin, in collaboration with the Dutch-managed seed company East-West Seed International. By the end of 2015 more than a thousand consumers bought Kangkong. The pilot is now ready for scaling, and it is expected that the consumer base will grow to 15.000 people in 2016.

Read the Kangkong case here!




Eldoville is currently producing Kenya’s best cheese and yogurt. To increase their brand portfolio and topline Eldoville wanted to use the whey liquid that is harvested during the cheesemaking process, which resulted in the Whey Cool product, an affordable and nutritious drink. The brand was already there before 2SCALE got involved. However, the main market for Eldoville’s products is in Nairobi since they mainly sell to NAS Airport Services, restaurants and hotels, and to a lesser extent to supermarkets. Since Whey Cool is an affordable and nutritious drink perfect for the BoP, 2SCALE is supporting Eldoville in marketing Whey Cool to low-income households, especially school going children, as many of them are not able to afford a decent nutritious product.

Read more about Whey Cool here!

Capacity Strengthening


Capacity Strengthening Tools Developed for 2SCALE

Thirteen generic modules have been developed:



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Before filling your mouth with flour…

Everyone loves rice – consumers, sellers, and processors like Djénébou Coulibaly. Coulibaly is a woman entrepreneur, president of a processing cooperative that works with 2SCALE in the Sikasso reg...

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Eye-openers for farmer organizations

Farmers’ groups are often not well organized. Therefore, their bargaining power remains poor and their capacities for collective and concerted actions remain underdeveloped. One of the consequences ...

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Yacouba, craving for white gold

Yacouba is the manager of the provincial Union of professional farmers of Nayala (UPPA/N), the granary of Burkina Faso. It’s a small union. Its members grow sorghum, millet and maize and belong to d...

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Youth in Agriculture

Including the youth in agriculture is key for food security. With a growing world population it is important to offer profitable agricultural opportunities for young people both on and off the farm, to contribute to profitable economies and stimulate innovation. It is up to 2SCALE to engage them in profitable agricultural pursuits that can ensure both global economic growth and increased food security. For this series on youth in agriculture we asked young farmers involved in 2SCALE to share their experiences in agriculture.


From the bank to the field

Dung Daweng Pam is not only a college graduate, but also an economist who worked at a bank for three years before making an unusual choice. “I decided to quit my job at the bank and go into farming, and I’m enjoying it,” Dung said. Dung lives in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and is a member of the Wedurat Corporative Society… Read more

How will we feed the growing cities


Nda Danielle, 32, holds a license degree in Marketing, and has been involved in vegetable production since 2011. She is now General Secretary of  l’Association des Maraîchers de la commune d’Abomey-Calavi, southern Benin, where 2SCALE supports a vegetable partnership driven by East-West Seed International (EWIT)… Read more


Adama’s story


My name is Adama Traore, and I’m 19 years old. I dropped out of school three years ago to earn money to support my family. Even now, I don’t regret my decision. I’m working as a farm apprentice, and my first goal is to understand everything I can about vegetable farming. In the past two years, I’ve learned about… Read more


Good farming brings good jobs, health and profits


My name is Nojet Achi. I attended Ahmed Bello University where I studied mass communication. I also attended the Nigerian Defense Academy, a famous African military university, where I got my master’s degree in development studies. I have been into farming since I was a kid, as my parents were peasant farmers, not… Read more

College Graduate Turns to Agriculture


My name is Yusuf Monimago from Kwara State, North Central Nigeria. I have a background in public administration at Kwara State Polytechnic, and I also trained for one year on commercial agriculture in Kwara State University. During this training program, I developed the desire to go into a more modernized field of farming… Read more

The Way Out of a Food Crisis


Yinka Adesola graduated in geology from the University of Technology of Mina in Nigeria, and holds a master degree in geophysics. Yinka digs the soil on a daily basis, surrounded by dozens of youths, but strangely enough she isn’t looking for gold. As a geophysician you could have been working for a mining company… Read more

Tomato Gold

tomato gold

My name is Faith Okeyedun, and I had the opportunity to be enrolled in school thanks to my parents’ meager income. They worked hard so that I could have an education, but our joy was short-lived due to my lack of employment. I opted to go into agriculture full-time. I started cultivating indigenous leafy vegetables in and…Read more

2SCALE Bootcamp

Organized by 2SCALE and the Inclusive Business Accelerator, the bootcamp on Inclusive Agribusiness aims to equip participants with knowledge and tools to manage an Inclusive Agribusiness, based on the experience of successful agribusiness entrepreneurs. A wide range of topics were covered from sales and distribution to marketing and gender approaches.


schermafbeelding-2016-12-22-om-13-56-28 Module 1 – Inclusive agribusiness

In this first module, you will work on defining your customers’ characteristics, help identify and assess the benefits you are offering to your customers and develop a proposition that fits the aspirations of your target group. At the end, you can submit an assignment with your value proposition capture in one sentence. > Go to bootcamp

schermafbeelding-2016-12-22-om-13-58-33 Module 2 – Marketing to the BoP

So you developed, tested and finalized your value proposition. Now it is key to communicate this to your target group and invite them to actually try and buy your product. In this module you will work on a practical marketing strategy to promote and sell your value proposition. > Go to bootcamp

schermafbeelding-2016-12-22-om-13-59-26 Module 3 – Distribution and sales

In this module, we will present trends in distributing products at the BoP. In essence, there are three key models for distributing products to the BoP. We will present these three models and go into the trade-offs for each model. During the assignment you will visualize and choose one of the models for your company. > Go to bootcamp

schermafbeelding-2016-12-22-om-14-00-20 Module 4 – Women’s entrepreneurship and inclusion

In this last module, you will look at your own position as entrepreneur in society, your business operations and value chain. You will learn how these can make or break inclusive business. Till date, being successful as an entrepreneur is influenced by your gender, i.e. how society and economy shape different opportunities for male and female entrepreneurs. > Go to bootcamp